Viewing and Creating Albums

Viewing Albums

  1. Click on ‘Albums’ in the menu or reach the Albums page through links provided on home page and website introduction
  2. Click on thumbnail provided for each album category to enter album. Viewers can go to related images, not contained within the album, by clicking on ‘find similar images’

Creating Albums

  1. Register by clicking on the hyperlink at the bottom of the Login box. New users will be provided with a password which they can change at their own convenience.
  2. Go to the Albums page by clicking on ‘Albums’ in the menu or reach Albums page through links provided on home page and website introduction.
  3. Click on ‘Create’ in the Albums menu.
  4. Choose an album name for your personal album and save the document by clicking on ‘Save’. This will bring up the album edit page.
  5. On the album edit page, click on the Plus icon in the bottom right hand corner of the page. This will take allow you to browse all image, selecting those which you would like to add. Alternatively, viewers can search for images by clicking on the search icon icon: this will allow you to search for specific images.
  6. Tick all the images you want to collect in your album in the box provided above every image.
  7. Click on ‘Add images’: Your album will then be on view.

For Returning Viewers

  1. The albums you have created will be saved for future viewing. Returning viewers will need to log on each time they want to view or edit personal albums. This is important for maintaining viewer preferences: logging on ensures that your viewing and album preferences will be maintained.
  2. Login by entering username and password.
  3. Click on ‘Albums’ on the menu to bring up the albums page.
  4. Click on ‘My Albums’ in the Albums menu to bring up your albums.
  5. To view your personal album click on the album cover image that will appear alongside the name you have chosen for your album.
  6. To edit albums click on the name of your album. This will bring up a edit icon on the right hand side of the band highlighting your album.
  7. Click on the edit icon to bring up your album edit page.
  8. Click on the plus icon that appears mid-page right hand side. This will take you back to all images and you can continue adding images to your albums. You can use the search function as well.

The Museum is committed to guarding the privacy of users and no user album or correspondence will be made public without prior permission from the user. Copyright of personal albums belongs to the users. However, copyright of specific images within user albums remains with the museum. Users, however, are most welcome to exchange albums or information through the e-mail address.